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‘Well I thought it was brilliant, and for a person who doesn’t read books, I will be reading it again!! I would recommend this book to everyone! It really is brilliant. Well written, easy to read, funny, personal and punchy.’

MD – Northamptonshire

‘I really enjoyed the book!’

DH – Preston

Rewritten is brilliant. It answered so many questions for me, some of which I didn’t even know I had. It’s a great combination of theory, anecdote, and practical exercises to really help you apply the ideas.

If you’ve been finding yourself getting dragged down by the endless negativity of life recently, give this a read. I’ll put money on you feeling uplifted and more positive, even before you reach the end.

KM – Warwickshire

‘This is a very good book… There is a lot to like here; the tenor, the tone, the language and the humour.’

RW – Manchester

‘There are so many lightbulb moments which I believe will also be appreciated by the wider reader. You have an amazing brain, you are a walking computer! Well done for sharing your knowledge in a book.’

SAB – Midlands

‘I have thoroughly enjoyed the book in its entirety…. It will help  a lot of people…Struck the equilibrium of simple to read yet with only the necessary long words punctuated throughout.


JC – Buckinghamshire