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About Peak Performance Services
Helping organisations, teams, and individuals to achieve more...

Welcome to our ‘About Peak Performance services hub’ – a rather grand title for ‘the things we do!’

Below you’ll find details of our main services, but let us summarise it into a simple soundbite – we help organisations, teams, and individuals to achieve more by changing the stories they tell themselves (and others).

Humans are hard-wired to respond to story. Books have only been around for 3000 years and for the rest of our time on Earth, we’ve relied on stories passed from person to person. Unfortunately, in the modern world we don’t use our stories effectively. Organisations are prone to telling their consumers one thing and their people another. Teams fall apart because they aren’t joined by a common story, and individuals never reach their potential because they believe their own limiting stories. We’re here to help change that:

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About... Organisations

Truly effective organisations create a consistency of story from board, to team, to customer experience. Unfortunately, most organisations aren’t truly effective. Too often the tone from the top doesn’t reach the customer. But it doesn’t need to be that way…

About... Teams

Your teams are the engines of your organisation, but they’re often lacking the fuel to deliver results. When your people don’t feel connected to an empowering central story they won’t deliver their best result, and if your team leaders don’t know how to convey the central message, well, you’re in trouble…

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About... Individuals

The human brain is a wonderful thing. Everything that’s ever been created by humankind has come from that humble grey matter. Unfortunately, for such a wonderfully complex thing, it is prone to many shortcuts. If you tell it the wrong stories, it’ll believe you. Your perspective can be your superpower or your prison – your stories will determine which…

About... Keynote Speaking

Our Managing Director – Jon Dunckley – is our number one story teller. His keynote presentations will inspire and excite audiences to re-examine their stories. He’ll show you how much more you’re capable of achieving and give you the tools to start the journey. 

Jon Dunckley, director of About Peak Performance, delivering a keynote on positive psychology

Partner with About Peak Performance

When you choose About Peak Performance services, you are choosing a partner that’s completely committed to your success. We won’t work with any organisation we don’t think we can help, and we won’t work with any organisation whose values we don’t share, but if we’re on the same page, we can help you achieve amazing things. Our experts bring years of experience and knowledge, coupled with cutting-edge tools and techniques, but more than that they bring humanity and drive. 

Ready to take the leap? Contact us today to find out how About Peak Performance can help rewrite your stories…

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