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The Front Cover Of Rewritten - A Book By Jon Dunckley Of About Peak Performance. The Cover Is Blue With Text Saying "Rewritten: Changing Your Internal Stories For A Happier And More Fulfilled Life" And The Author Jon Dunckley. The Centre Of The Cover Is Filled With An Image Showing A Head, With Ever-decreasing Heads Inside It.

Rewritten: Changing your internal stories for a happier and more fulfilled life.

Welcome to Rewritten

Why do some people seem to flourish when other people constantly struggle? Why do some people might your face light up with joy when you see their name on your phone, while others fill you with dread? Rewritten – the new book from About Peak Performance’s Managing Director – Jon Dunckley – sets out to explain.

The human brain is an incredibly complex organism. Some argue it’s the most complex thing in the known universe yet, despite all that complexity, it is prone to making big decisions with very little information. It takes short cuts all the time and, while many of those are helpful (no-one wants to stand in the way of a speeding car) others are much less empowering.

Unfortunately for us, the brain is prone to believing whatever you tell it. Tell it you’re having a good day and it’ll look for evidence to back that up. Tell it everything is doom and gloom and, you guessed it, it’ll prove you right there too. Of course, it’s not always that simple and sometimes things are objectively grim, but more often than not there’s a more positive and empowering version of the truth waiting to be found.

This book dates back to 1996 and the completion of an undergraduate degree in psychology that would start a lifelong love of the way our minds work. It’s full of ‘real science’ but written in a way that invites you to read along. There’s no intellectual beard-stroking here, it’s all about helping you to achieve more.

Rewritten is available from Amazon from October 16th in Kindle and Paperback forms and we’ll shortly be launching a range of training and development programmes to go alongside it.

If you’ve read the book, please do drop us a line and let us know what you thought: Rewritten 



Jon Dunckley

Jon Dunckley is an author, coach, trainer, and keynote speaker. With nearly 30 years' experience, he holds multiple specialisms across financial services and psychology. A fellow of no fewer than seven organisations, he is widely sought after for his keen insight and motivational keynotes.

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