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Building greater resilience

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Learning objectives:

This six-session resilience programme builds on the so-called ‘second-wave’ of positive psychology, considering ways to help people flourish and excel even in difficult times. Through the six sessions (which can be run as a one-day program) we will cover:

  • Introducing resilience
  • A powerful metaphor for understanding resilience
  • Controlling our attention
  • Mastering our thought processes
  • Developing motivation to push through tough times
  • Powerful coping strategies
  • Pulling everything together into a plan for resilience


Six-Sessions to resilience.

Each of us experiences our challenges and sometimes it can seem as if they never stop coming at us! What’s interesting is that research shows us it is the resilience of our response, rather than the negative event, which will determine our wellbeing. Our building resilience course is designed to capitalise on this by helping people develop powerful coping and resilience strategies.

The more resilient we are, the better we’re able to cope with both the positives and negatives of life. 

Using the principles of positive psychology, this six-session resilience programme starts by exploring what the term ‘resilience’ really means. Once we’re all on the same page, we work through the process of mastering our own attention, understanding the impact our thoughts can have, and then developing strategies to create more empowering alternatives. 

The course is delivered by Jon Dunckley – author of ‘Rewritten – Rewriting your internal stories for a happier and more fulfilled life‘. He uses his three decades of experience in performance improvement and his love of all things psychology, as well as his warm personal style, to create a course that is as engaging as it is practical. 

Building resilience is important for everyone. As a result, this course is great for audiences of all kinds – from C-suite, to new entrants. From teachers, to professional sportspeople, this course will help anyone. Packed full of actionable insights it is fully science-backed. 

One-to-many or individual options

NOTE: This building resilience course is designed to be a group session for up to SIX people, though some clients prefer to have it delivered one-to-one. The price quoted is for the course, not per attendee. It is totally flexible and can be run online or in person and can be delivered in one day or over a number of sessions, subject to diary commitments. If you’d like to discuss your particular needs, you can either call Jon on 07427 662933 or drop him an email:


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