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What's your organisational culture?
Let About Peak Performance help you write more powerful stories to supercharge your culture

At About Peak Performance, we understand the vital importance of the ‘tone from the top’, the organisational culture, and the customer experience.  They’re the invisible force that drives behaviour, shapes decisions, and either propels your business to new heights or holds it back.  What we also know, though, is that everything is driven by the stories you tell. Too many organisations fail to translate their leaders’ vision into a consistent internal culture and external customer experience.

We work with organisations of all sizes to address that issue. Consistent stories mean better outcomes – at all levels. 

Why do organisational stories matter?

Your organisational stories are your DNA. They’re what makes your business unique. Why are you there? What is the goal? How do your internal teams feel about you? What about your customers? Whatever your organisation does, having inconsistent (or worse, contradictory) stories can be hugely damaging. 

Working with us to create greater consistency can:

  • Enhance Collaboration: Create an environment where you truly have ‘one team’ pulling in the same direction
  • Drive Innovation: Give your people the confidence to think of new solutions in line with the vision
  • Boost Employee Engagement: Remove the ‘Sunday night dread’ forever by creating an organisation that gets people out of bed with a spring in their step
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction: When customer experience is consistent with the internal vision, great things can happen
An image of a DNA strand, intended to indicate corporate DNA or culture
Expertise Makes a Difference

Identifying the right stories and making sure they run through every aspect of your organisational culture takes time and skill. At About Peak Performance, our team of experts, armed with years of experience and cutting-edge tools, are on hand to guide you through that process.

We help in:

  • Defining your story: What does  the leadership believe, and what should this look like for internal and external stakeholders? 
  • Implementing Change:Knowing is the first step, doing is the most important. A story without an implementation plan is just a dream…
  • Measuring Success: We don’t believe in ‘doing training’, we look at making changes happen, and we follow up to check the results.
A collection of Lego figures behind held by human hands indicating a range of people in an organisation
Are You Ready to Elevate Your Business?

Don’t let inconsistent stories hold your organisation back.  Take the first step towards unlocking powerful stories, told consistently at every level.

Contact us today at About Peak Performance, and let’s write some stories that will change the course of your business forever.

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