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About Peak Performance

About Peak Performance is part of the About… Consulting Group. Founded in 2006 as a training and consulting provider for the financial services sector, over nearly 20 years we’ve significantly expanded our offering, without ever losing sight of our mission – to help ordinary people achieve extraordinary things.

We are big advocates of the ‘growth’ mindset – the belief that we can all learn and develop new skills and talents. None of us knows our full potential and helping people expand their horizons is what gets us out of bed in the morning. Maybe you’ll never reach the heights of Ronaldo, Picasso, or Stephen Hawking, but if they’d never had a go, neither would they…

About Peak Performance is the product of decades of learning for our leadership team. Utilising the latest research in positive psychology, we have the tools to help you achieve extraordinary things, and we’d love to show you how…

Our Leadership Team

Jon Dunckley 

I’m the founding director of the About Consulting Group and for the last two decades I’ve lived and breathed performance improvement.

From my early days as a psychology student, I’ve loved learning about the human brain and using that knowledge to help people achieve more. It was this that led me to set up the business back in 2006.

The more I do, the more opportunity I see to help people develop. These days I’m involved in a huge variety of client projects – from thought leadership and research through to the application of positive psychology to mindset and attainment.

I’m the geek of the piece, I read widely, and both write and speak on a wide range of topics. I’ve got an armful of ‘badges’, being a Fellow of seven different organisations. To me that just means I never stop learning. I’m even working on an advanced degree in positive psychology, just because I’m fascinated by it.

Outside work I walk my talk – I compete in Ironman triathlon, I’ve cycled John O’Groats to Lands End, and I’ve climbed Kilimanjaro twice, always pushing myself to go that bit further.

Jon Dunckley, director of About Peak Performance, completing an Ironman triathlon. He is smiling as he reaches what he regards as being all about peak performance
Madeline Dunckley, director of About Peak Performance, seen completing a parachute jump - her own version of achieving peak performance.

Madeline Dunckley

I’m Madeline Dunckley, director of About Consulting Group and founder of two of our channels – About… Education and About…Safeguarding. I’m a former Head Teacher with 18 years of experience in education across diverse settings from extreme deprivation through to more affluent and religious schools. I’ve learned what it takes to develop performance in any environment, and how important it is to create positive and empowering internal narratives.

At heart, I am a passionate and committed educator, driven to deliver the best possible outcomes for everyone I work with. Not everyone in this world has everything handed to them on a plate; in many cases, every success will be hard-fought and well won. We all have our strengths, and we can all support each other to grow, no matter what our background or upbringing. I believe that to succeed, we need to harness the potential in everyone and empower them to excel.

I have various qualifications which help me in my role – including the National Professional Qualification for Executive Leaders. I’m also a specialist coach, investigator, and mediator.

When I’m not working, I’m a triathlete, adrenaline seeker, and for some reason I even ran a marathon not so long ago.