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The front cover of Rewritten - a book by Jon Dunckley of About Peak Performance. The cover is blue with text saying "Rewritten: changing your internal stories for a happier and more fulfilled life" and the author Jon Dunckley. The centre of the cover is filled with an image showing a head, with ever-decreasing heads inside it.

Rewritten: Changing your internal stories for a happier and more fulfilled life

The human mind is the most complex thing in the known universe. With 100 million neurons each capable of wiring to 100,000 others, we’re talking about 100 trillion neural connections. Yet despite this complexity, the brain makes big decisions based on very little information, through the lens of the stories we tell it to believe. 

This book, from the Managing Director of About Peak Performance, examines the way our internal stories influence the way we perceive the world, and looks at ways we can change those stories for more positive and life-affirming alternatives. Written in an accessible and human manner, it draws on three decades of research in the field of positive psychology, presenting readers with practical actionable steps.

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