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We’re About…Peak Performance

Whether individual, team, or organisational level, we’re here to help people to achieve more.

For decades our team have been working with individuals and companies to help them reach their own version of Peak Performance. We work with our clients to find out what is important to them, and then help them develop solutions to hit their goals. Whether through one-to-one or group coaching, workshops, or training programmes, we’ve got it covered.

What we do

We help companies, teams, and individuals to achieve more. How do we do that? Good question… In a nutshell, we help them to change their stories.

We know that each person’s experience is built on stories – both the ones they tell themselves and the ones other people tell them. The human brain, for all it’s complexity, will believe whatever story it is told consistently. Unfortunately people often spend a lot of time telling themselves and others the wrong stories… We help change that.

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Praise for About Peak Performance

Attending Jon’s masterclass in Leeds was an eye-opening experience. The practical strategies and examples on how the brain works were invaluable. Jon is not frightened to challenge the norms and brings a fresh approach

…very perceptive and effective in identifying areas of personal development for others and providing them with simple strategies to maximise their performance in the workplace whilst retaining a healthy work-life balance

Thank you for your help, support, and guidance… I can’t recommend you enough.

…very approachable and will go out of their way to help you whenever possible. Their training methods make difficult concepts seem very easy

About Peak Performance

About Peak Performance was set up in January 2022 as a core part of the About Consulting Group. The whole group has a simple mission – to help ordinary people achieve extraordinary things – and we’re the living embodiment of those words.  

Think of us as the wise friend you can always turn to for help and guidance. Whatever the challenge, chances are we’ve been there, and we’ve worked with others who’ve been there.

Our kit bag is full of practical, effective, positive psychology techniques, and yes, we’re talking more than just ‘think positively’. Whether it’s creating a consistent story from ‘board to customer experience’, developing more empowering team narratives, or just giving you that ‘aha!’ moment for self-improvement, we can help. And if you’re ever looking for an engaging keynote speaker who will bring fresh, relatable insights, we’re here for that too.  

The best part? We’re not just winging it. Our methods are tried, tested, and backed by cold, hard science. So, whatever stories are holding you and your people back, we can help you write some powerful new ones.  Why not get in touch?